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Reusable, washable and organic cotton bags for everyday use

Reusable shopping bags are a great way to cut down on plastic usage and add a bit of sustainability to your everyday routine.

Nice to skip the plastic. I got the 9 piece set, and it's great! There's every size you need, plus the tote, which is sturdier than I thought it would be. 
It's a win-win for reusables and the environment.


My local co op tends to over water the fresh produce, I was a little worried these bags would leak and the greens would get wilty,neither happened. The bags beautifully wick away the moisture and the greens are fresh and delicious. Great bags!

Maura Davidson

These bags are the best product I’ve bought all year. Had to leave on a trip quickly. Didn’t have time to clean fridge. Came back 9 days later. Produce was in perfect shape. I will buy more.

Lesley Maul

These are great! Exactly as described, sturdy and well made and they hold twice as much as a plastic bag without being too heavy. Arrived quickly. I will definitely buy more from this company.

Michelle Snyder

Why Earth Ethical?



Ethically Sourced Raw Materials


100% Natural

No Pesticides or Harmful Dyes

Our Mission

Plastic products are bad and for the most part unnecessary. We inherited a beautiful planet from our ancestors. Now it is our time to leave it in the best shape possible for future generations. Our mission is to provide you with plastic alternative and sustainable products that are environment-friendly, organic and fairly sourced.


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