Baby Swaddle Blankets

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Baby Swaddle Blankets
Baby Swaddle Blankets
Baby Swaddle Blankets
Baby Swaddle Blankets
Baby Swaddle Blankets
Baby Swaddle Blankets

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  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Gender Neutral Designs
  • A blessing for new parents
  • Chemical and Dye Free
  • Extra Soft and Comfortable

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  • GENDER-NEUTRAL DESIGNS: Whether you get this for your little one before you know its gender, or you just like the idea of going with a gender-neutral design, these baby swaddles use cute designs but still focus on being generic enough that they’ll be great for those of either gender.

  • EXTRA SOFT AND COMFORTABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Even those children with sensitive skin will be able to enjoy the extra soft organic cotton that is used in these patterned swaddle blankets. They are soft, will hold up over time in their softness (even after a wash) and continue to be silky smooth on the skin.

  • CHEMICAL- AND DYE-FREE: Since you don’t want to be relying on anything that is filled with unnecessary dyes or chemicals, we make sure that our baby swaddles are free of both. That way, these can be used worry-free by even the most nervous of parents.

  • MADE FROM 100% ORGANIC COTTON: To keep skin comfortable, parents trusting, and swaddles made from quality, we use only the top organic cotton in each baby swaddle. You won’t need to worry about any part of these swaddles being inferior while in use. Only the best for those little ones, after all!

  • A MUST-HAVE FOR MODERN PARENTS: For those parents that are looking for a trustworthy option for keeping their little ones tucked up and safe, these durable and high quality baby swaddles will be as impressive as you could hope for. They will impress you each time you use them.

  • Available Sizes

    • Large Size (47"x47")

    Why switch to organic cotton baby swaddles blanket

    It’s no secret that parents always want the best for their children. You hear a lot of talk about wipes and diapers, but what about something as essential and crucial as a swaddle? Babies — especially newborns — love to be swaddled, and will often be much more comfortable in a swaddle than anything else. You can help them enjoy a comfortable experience by relying on the right swaddle fabrics.

    The right baby swaddles are the ones that focus on comfort, durability, and baby perks. So, you’ll find that these will fit right in to your life. Sure, they look just like an ordinary swaddle, but they are so much better. Made from organic cotton, these are extra soft and smooth in their overall design. This makes it perfect for those little ones who are specifically sensitive to fabrics and dyes. With their practical sizing and tucking, these are also good for those little ones of all shapes and lengths.

    When you want to help the little on in your life enjoy a nice peaceful sleep where they are safe and supported, this cotton, extra soft swaddle is going to be just the right option for you and your little one. Durable and designed to be long-term in their use, these are going to be practical for the parent on a budget, too. When you want something that is going to fulfil all of your needs, this is the gender-neutral baby swaddle pack to step up and fill that role the right way.