What Would the World Be Like If We Stop Using Plastic Bags?

What Would the World Be Like If We Stop Using Plastic Bags?

Plastic has become an eternal part of our modern-day lives. Today, plastic is being used everywhere. Whether it is construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or shopping, plastic is found everywhere. Even so, plastic has found its way into our food preparations. Though there may be a few advantages offered to us, by plastic, there is a negative side to plastic as well.

While plastic products may have made our lives convenient and altered the human civilization in a way, plastic has caused serious damage to humanity that is irreversible. Plastic pollution is one of the major concerns in today’s world, and the struggle that mankind is going through to resolve this issue is now becoming visible.

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Plastic is used literally everywhere. With the presence of plastic in almost every viable industry, it has now entered our food chain as well. With the tons of plastic bags being dumped into the ocean, fisherman throughout the world has reported an increasing number of plastic bags found in the ocean. Even the fishes caught by the fishermen had a varied number of plastic bags in their body parts. Through marine life, plastic has even found its way into our homes, as well.

Even the studies have shown that as a result of plastic pollution, we ourselves contain some amount of plastic in our body. This plastic found inside our body does not belong there and thus affects our body and internal organs adversely. Also, it has been examined that plastic does contain carcinogenic chemicals which causes deadly diseases.

Harmful Effects of Plastic:

Plastic has been affecting our lives in more than one number of ways. The use of plastic bags has been causing all the Air, Land, and Water pollution. As the plastic bags are nonbiodegradable, the toxins released from them over the years contaminate our soil thus making it less productive. As a result, even the underground water which is deemed to be pure is being contaminated.

Also, the fossil fuels through which the plastic is being extracted, release toxic contaminants during the process which contaminates the air thus adding up to the air pollution. These plastic bags are disposed of into the landfills which is again causing trouble to mankind. Even a floating landfill has been formed in the Pacific Ocean, which mainly comprises of plastic and is twice the size of Texas. This is what marine life is being exposed to and is contributing to water pollution as well.

Life without Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags may have been a convenient option for us in our day to day life. But if we stop using the plastic bags, the Earth will become a more convenient place to live in.

Though it seems like a difficult task, not using plastic bags has advantages of its own. Despite various other factors contributing to Air, Water, and Land pollution, we will be able to control plastic pollution with zero usage of plastic bags. Life without plastic bags will be beautiful and convenient and the following points advocate our thought:

Environment-Friendly: If we stop using plastic bags, we would most likely be switching to reusable bags. These bags are environment-friendly as they can be used again and again, and once torn, are easily biodegradable. Being reusable, they help to conserve energy and vital resources. The energy and the resources conserved through this means can be used into the welfare of the human race and switching to these reusable bags, you would also be doing your bit to save our planet.

Maintaining the Natural Balance: Usage of renewable bags and prohibiting plastic bags will also help in conserving the natural balance of the ecosystem. Many birds and sea animals have been impacted by the disposal of plastic bags into the water. Using biodegradable bags or items will not reverse the harm that has already been done, but will indeed protect our ecosystem from any further damage and will help us bring back the natural balance of nature.

Healthy Living: With plastic bags being gone and renewable bags in action, the lifestyle of humans on this planet will also be impacted and that too, in a positive manner. With no toxins releasing into the air, people will have a healthy living. Also, with no plastic and its toxins to contaminate our food and air, the immunity levels of the people will also increase.

People Become More Efficient: Dropping plastic bags and switching to reusable bags will also make life efficient and productive as these are easier to carry, and various items can be put into these bags in a single time. So, there would be no confusion about leaving a bag behind or losing your stuff, and taking things out of a single bag will save a lot of time of working individual. Also, the reusable bags are multipurpose, as these bags can be used in more than one number of ways. These can become your best friends while going for grocery shopping. You could also put some old clothes into them, which will help you with your organizing skills as well.

Cleanliness: Another advantage of we dropping the use the plastic bags and start using the recyclable bags is that they will help in the cleanliness of the surroundings. As these bags are reusable, one would easily be able to wash them at home and they would become as good as new rather than becoming a clumsy mess that plastic bags become after some time. 

Saving Money: One recyclable bag will work a number of times than a normal plastic bag. So, by quitting plastic bags you won’t be needing to pay for the bag every time, and you will contribute to nature’s preservation as well.

Thus, it is quite clear from the above-mentioned advantages that life will definitely be a better version of its present form and will surely be many times healthier if there are no plastic bags being used around and people use recyclable products and bags in place of the plastic bags.

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