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Mesh Produce Bags

Mesh Produce Bags

by Organic Cotton Mart

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  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Reusable and Durable
  • Breathable bags
  • Easy to store groceries
  • Multi-purpose Bag
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Product Features

DEPENDABLE AND DURABLE FOR GROCERY STORE USE: Your grocery store produce bags are flimsy at best, but these mesh reusable bags are going to be durable and dependable even for those heavy loads of fruits or nuts that you are going to use them for. They’ll hold up better than you could imagine.

SIZED FOR ALL OF YOUR PRODUCE NEEDS: Your produce doesn’t come in one shape or size, so these bags don’t either. Choose from all sorts of sizes so that you can know that you are putting your trust and faith in the right combination of bag dimensions. No more one size fits all for you! You’ll be able to get just the size that you need, which means more convenience for you.

EASY TO STORE WHEN AND WHERE NEEDED: These bags are mesh, so they will easily store away in a purse or a car or anywhere else when needed. Practical and professionally designed to be easy to move as needed, these are perfect for storage and use, both.

BREATHABLE FOR PROTECTION OF YOUR PRODUCE: Since your produce needs to have airflow, these mesh bags are breathable and reliable for the protection and health benefits that you expect from a quality bag.

MADE FROM ORGANIC COTTON: These bags are made from organic cotton so that you can make sure that you are trusting only the best natural ingredients to nurture your produce. This is another perk to going reusable, too, because plastic always has that toxic feel to it that makes you must wash everything twice.


S – 8"x10"
M – 10"x12"
L – 12"x15"
XL - 14"x18"

Why switch to an organic cotton mesh produce bag

Our world is moving on its way towards its end when it comes to the options that are out there. No longer are we relying on modern technology to fulfil our needs. We’re going more for the idea of older technology and modern construction. The perfect example is in the options that we rely on at the grocery store or other spots where plastic was previously so appealing.

The truth is that plastic is one of the worst destructive forces out there when it comes the landfills and the life of marine-based animals. But, people tend to continue to use it simply because it is convenient and available and reliable even when other options aren’t.

Whether it’s single-purpose or reusable plastic, the problem is still there. Plastic is the component that is responsible for the destruction of our commercial-based world, so you are going to want to try and find alternative options, like cotton bags
While it is a throwback to the past in terms of the reliance on traditional materials, the modern versions of mesh or cotton bags are going to be perfect for when you are looking for durable and reusable in the same product. This is where the benefits of the modern bag design really come to work in your favor.

Help end the plastic revolution by focusing on better, stronger alternatives that are going to be perfect for everyday use, like these reusable bags.

Customer Reviews

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The item is perfect for what I need. The s...

The item is perfect for what I need. The seller accidentally sent me the wrong item but was very quick to correct it and even sent me a package slip so I could send the incorrect item back. Would purchase from this shop again. Definitely appreciate the great customer service.

Nice quality material and well made.

Nice quality material and well made.

Good quality. They expand nicely too so yo...

Good quality. They expand nicely too so you can fit extra produce without breaking the bags!

always handy to keep when I go shopping !

always handy to keep when I go shopping !

Great product! Smaller than I thought. Wil...

Great product! Smaller than I thought. Will be buying larger sizes